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Abrasive blasting and coating in Ontario

About Greetham

One of Canada’s premier industrial and protective coating application companies providing shop abrasive blasting and coating services in Brighton, Ontario since 1978.

Abrasive blasting and coating in Ontario

Our fully trained and experienced staff look at every project uniquely. From small parts to large structures, we offer top-quality workmanship. When applied correctly, coatings will provide long-term protection from corrosion and adverse environmental conditions. Protecting, beautifying, and maximizing the service life of our client's assets and products is Greetham Industrial Services' mission, specialty, and priority.

All abrasive blasting operations are performed to strict S.S.P.C. and N.A.C.E. specifications using environmentally safe blast media. Lifting equipment and access allow for the handling of loads up to 12000 kilograms and 20-meter lengths.

Coating operations, using all types of high-performance products are conducted in an in-house air emissions, M.O.E.-approved environment. All facets of the preparation and coating operation are inspected by our in-house N.A.C.E. certified coating inspectors.

Greetham Industrial Services has also expanded to include product testing, assembly, and special packaging for worldwide shipping.

On-site coatings, inspection services are fast becoming a growth area for us. Our N.A.C.E. certified coating inspectors are working across Canada on all types of projects assuring specification compliance.

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